Dungeon Contest 2018 In Review (3/4)

Here is part 3 of my review of every single entry of this year’s one page dungeon contest. Part 2 is here. Part 1 is here. Johnathan Castle & Matt Henderson – The Circadian Tower……………..81 The creepy tower map is noted with rooms in reverse order as the players ascend from some dark underworld. The […]

Dungeon Contest 2018 In Review (2/4)

[Update 7/22/18: The designer for A Slime Eternal sent me a link to an updated pdf. I am including the link here and below. They also have a page with some of their design notes.] Part two of my review of every single entry into the one page dungeon contest this year. You can see […]

Mythoards 28 and 29

While I continue to plug away at a ground-level reworking of my IMPROVisr, here are two reviews of the most recent Mythoards I received from my subscription. Mythoard 28 -The usual encounter card is nice, as they are starting to build to a nice collection of random encounters I could draw from. -A Mythoard poker […]

OPD 2017 in Review: The Winners

As promised in my Zodiac Empires review post, I am working my way through this years entries to give my own take on them. In this post, I’ll be giving a short paragraph to each winning entry. In the next post on the OPD 2017 entries, I’ll give a shorter review of the honorable mentions […]

Map to Globe and a Mythoard Review

I stumbled across this handy web application that freely turns images into a globe. https://www.maptoglobe.com/ Best part? You can also create an animated spinning globe gif. Follow this link to see the spinning globe gif (~20Mb file size)   Mythoard 25 I was surprised to find that this month’s package had some good heft to it. […]