The Art of Being a Monster: Wight

Wight Generally be able to rely on taking lots of punishment that a living creature would not be able to take, outlasing and overwhelming opponents with ferocity. That should prioritize taking down the largest threats and rampaging through a team, disassembling them from being threats, then returning to finish them systematically. Not being distracted by […]

Exotic Mercenaries

You got your human hirelings, with their run of the mill abilities and maybe even some class levels. If you want something more unusual, maybe you get a hireling with the same basic template but with some demi-human stats and abilities sprinkled on top. Maybe your DM is really crazy and you get some monster […]

Wierd Monster Powers

Standard issue monsters not making for creative enough combats? Tired of players slugging away at increasing tough monsters in longer and longer combats just so you can have your monsters survive long enough to deal a little damage? Try giving your monsters some Wierd Powers™ instead of more toughness and long, boring battles of numbers. […]

The Art of Being a Monster: Underworld Inhabitant

Underworld Inhabitants Underworld denizens, fight in the dark. Prepare your caves with passages, traps, and trained monstrosities. Take advantage of natural hazards, flora, and fauna, always ensuring that you yourself are protected. Insist on unique poisons to weaken foes before a final assault or to trip them up with at key times. The right poison […]

Emotion Elemental Thoughts

Previously, I had postulated that if platonic planes of the basic elemental types exist via ancient beliefs in alchemical principles being true, then it stands to reason that Humorism must be true as well. Humorism is the ancient belief of four types of bodily fluids being related to emotional states, comprising in their combinations all […]

Grime Dragon

Grime Dragon When a dragon pursues lichdom, the process requires an exacting alchemical process to kill the dragon at the precise time in its reincarnation ritual. As powerful magical creatures, they often seek to retain as much of their natural magical abilities as possible, often overcompensating to retain elemental affinities, corrupting the lich ritual. Grime […]

Spell Mimic

Spell Mimic Creatures born of arcane manipulations of the shifting astral plane, Spell Mimics are distant cousins to the material plane creatures known to copy mundane items. These creatures make up for their lesser ability to copy the mundane by studying spellworks and shifting their form between planes to copy magical effects. Hardly ever found […]