Gear Up: Equipment for the Dungeon Delver in your Life

Gather up your equipment and suit up for the long haul. Over 250 items created or rehashed for more playability and problem solving utility without breaking your game. Suggestion prices are given within to help reward your players with appropriate loot that will keep them thinking of new ways to take advantage of the arcane […]

Simple Compilation of Magic Items

I’ve put together a full google spreadsheet containing all of my magic items, updated to include my released magic item products. You can still get those products on dmsguild, which will include nicer formatting and art (or even better, use my affiliate link to put a bit more money in my pocket). This google spreadsheet […]

Bound: A Necromancer’s Guide to Capturing and Binding Souls

Time to end the radio silence on the blog with my first paid release, 33 pages of magic items, spells, backgrounds, feats, spell variants, and descriptions of the various ins and outs of soul binding. Click the image below to go to the dmsguild page for this $7 pdf. The book is designed for D&D […]

Dungeon Master’s Guild: Insectoid Armory

I just finished putting together my first Dungeon Master’s Guild PDF. Get it as a Pay What You Want here:¬† The document boasts 24 different insect themed weapons, armors, and miscellaneous magic items pulled together from my blog posts here. Enjoy!