Five Link Friday: Too Dangerous to Live

GMTable: Traps and Minions Revisited Robert covers the ideas and mechanics behind adding more numbers to your encounters without adding hours to how long they take to run. The Metropolitan Man What if Lex Luthor isn’t evil but is instead concerned about the existential threat a super being poses to the future of the […]

Five Link Friday: Build It Up, Piece by Piece.

Goblin Punch: OSR Style Challenges “Rulings not Rules” is Insufficient I think this is why, despite only really playing 3.5 and 5e, I fit in with so much of the content being created by self-labeled OSR bloggers. My DM style is to be open to the possibility of out-of-the-box solutions. A minor caveat to the […]

Five Link Friday: Around the World

Liberalism Saved Sweden While the social democracy and nordic socialist policies are given the credit for the high standards of the Swedes, it is actually their full-on drive towards economic and social liberty that gave them the wealth to go from a half-starved peninsula into a world-class economy. World Builder Blog: Hex Crawl Tips I […]

Five Link Sunday: For the Love of It

This has been a busy week, packed with a lot of wedding planning work, valentine’s celebrating, after-hours work stuff, a Fiverr commission, and all of that on top of my normal blogging. Lucky that I’m enjoying every bit of it. Thanks for tuning in for another five links. Dyson’s Dodecahedron: Valentine’s Dungeon Dyson put together […]

Five Link Friday: Pulling it all together

Nightmares made of VHS Who needs some nightmare fuel monsters to put in their games or haunt their dreams? Sculptures in Iceland have answered that question by pulling apart and reassembly tons of old cassette tapes. Paul Graham: The Refragmentation A thoughtful hypothesis about why america is increasing culturally and politcally fragmented. Why the world […]

5 Link Friday: Playing to Type

Goblin punch’s dungeon checklist Good to know my dungeons check off all those things. Maybe I should actually finish them to point I could publish some here so I’m not all talk. Goblin Punch: Bottle Imps Sweet disposable magic item/potion variant! Crypt Of Rabies: A Gaming Supplement Thaumiel is test-running a gaming supplement, I’m curious […]