Grime Dragon

Grime Dragon When a dragon pursues lichdom, the process requires an exacting alchemical process to kill the dragon at the precise time in its reincarnation ritual. As powerful magical creatures, they often seek to retain as much of their natural magical abilities as possible, often overcompensating to retain elemental affinities, corrupting the lich ritual. Grime […]

Five Link Friday: Forging Ahead in New Ventures

Chandler Dickinson: Forging a Ram’s Head Knife What I wouldn’t give to be finished saving for a house. To be moved in and have the space to start blacksmithing… Well, in the meantime, I can brush up on the basics watching awesome youtube channels like Chandler’s. Depending on how I take to it when I […]

Five Link Friday: Free and Low-Snark A great, pretty extensive write-up with low levels of snark addressing some usual concerns about security provision without a state. Has an awesome (free) set of color printouts for a counter collection. A great tool that helped me fill out the ranks of my undead miniatures, monstrous mooks, and villainous vermin. I glued mine down […]