Up vs Out

When it comes to your campaign world do you build out or do you build up? Building out is the design choice to expand your world to new locales, new ideas, incorporate novel mechanics, introduce unrelated characters, and otherwise expand the narrative of the world. Building up is the idea of increasing the internal connections […]

Wierd Monster Powers

Standard issue monsters not making for creative enough combats? Tired of players slugging away at increasing tough monsters in longer and longer combats just so you can have your monsters survive long enough to deal a little damage? Try giving your monsters some Wierd Powers™ instead of more toughness and long, boring battles of numbers. […]

The Art of Being a Monster: Underworld Inhabitant

Underworld Inhabitants Underworld denizens, fight in the dark. Prepare your caves with passages, traps, and trained monstrosities. Take advantage of natural hazards, flora, and fauna, always ensuring that you yourself are protected. Insist on unique poisons to weaken foes before a final assault or to trip them up with at key times. The right poison […]

9 Alternate Potion Delivery Systems

Below are nine different potion delivery techniques that you can sprinkle into your treasure hordes to replace the standard potions. Within each potion alternative is a description of how it works, how it is created, and some potion types or environments that might see this potion as more useful than the standard glass flask. -The […]

NPC Voices

I was messing our on my new, longer commute, and trying out some various accents. Below are ten different ways to modify your voice that should be easy enough for any DM to do. I also include some situations where they can stand for an entire species of monster or race, or can just be […]

Make Unique Gameworlds

Enjoy this belated post while I enjoy my honeymoon! On world building: World building is often a fun and engaging task for the DM, or at least the DM’s that survive into veterancy tend to enjoy the time they spend crafting worlds, cities, and dungeons that the players may never see. What makes this world […]

The Art of Being a Monster: Poltergeist

Poltergeist Your weakness is not generally in combat because you can easily leave to engage under more favorable conditions. Resolve your conflicts in ambushes, traps, tricks, and even negotiation. F: Men at arms are mostly harmless to you and can be safely ignored until and unless they possess magic weaponry. Even then, their attacks will […]