A-Z Useful Spell Components

When most spell components in the game are there for flavor or gating spells behind arbitrary pay walls, it is no surprise that players and DM’s forget or “forget” about them all the time. Flipping the script to make spell components provide flavor and bonuses turns them into a tool that clever players can collect […]

Meaningful Spell Components

So one thought that kept reoccurring when I was going through spells to figure out how to price them was, why do all of these spells have components? They are basically just flavor, if anything, and they add little meaningful in the way of player choices. The players will simply gather what components they need […]

Arcane Arsenal: Tools for the Tactician and Strategist in You

Prepare your tools of battle and war with my new release of over 200 items including weapons, armor, consumables, and wondrous items. They are all suited towards battle, although some require more creativity than others.   If you download one of my digital products, including my pay what you want products, and leave a written […]

Gear Up: Equipment for the Dungeon Delver in your Life

Gather up your equipment and suit up for the long haul. Over 250 items created or rehashed for more playability and problem solving utility without breaking your game. Suggestion prices are given within to help reward your players with appropriate loot that will keep them thinking of new ways to take advantage of the arcane […]