Thaw: 2016 OPD Final Draft

My One Page Dungeon is coming together, and I’ve got a pretty solid version of it penciled together for a final draft. To accompany this fine map, I’ll add three tables. This will cut down on text walls while injecting flavor right into the heart of this place. D8 treasure table -Frost suit – powered […]

Geomorph Contest: Cells

Here’s my entries for this round of the Geomorph Contest put forward by Inkwell Ideas. This rounds’ theme was ‘cell’, whether that is a prison, a jail, or something more abstract… The Panopticon This is the first floor of a prototype prison designed to allow total and complete vision over the prisoners at all time. […]

Geomorph Contest: Towns

It’s that time again, Inkwell has put forward another iteration of the Geomorph contest. They’ve reverted back to the usual 10×10 grid system as before, which I am quite happy about. Those 5×5 mini-geomorphs were difficult to work with. Also, congratulations to Crypt of Rabies for winning the last contest!   The theme this week? […]