5e Character Archetypes: Trophy Hunter (Ranger)

Trophy Hunter Those that seek the greatest hunt, and specialize in the extermination of their favored enemies are known as Trophy Hunters. They set traps, prepare ambushes, and get their hands dirty in the extended study and dissection of their foes to perfect a killing blow. A Trophy Hunter builds their power by sealing it […]

5e Character Archetypes: Incarnate Domain (Cleric)

Incarnate Domain Every god needs its own representatives to walk the world -especially those gods that favor conquest and permanence such as Bhaal,  Tempus, Torm, or Tyr- but some clerics go above that call to become a living channel for their god’s presence in the world. Some take this creed literally, and take to transforming […]

5e Character Archetypes: Marionettist (Fighter)

Marionettist Marionette Upon taking this archetype, you have focused your skills and energies into wielding a life-size puppet. Being in direct control of multiple combatants will give you great flexibility on and off the battlefield. Honing your craft will eventually allow you to further specialize and modify you puppets for any situation. You control your […]