Anarchist Towns: Anarcho-Religious

In this post, I will be discussing a religiously based group of anarchists. I am loosely basing their morality and faith on Christianity, because that is the religious sect with the most available information and theorists. To make this relevant to D&D, I would approximate this group as followers of a deity based on the […]

Anarchist Towns: Eco-Anarchist

The Philosophy There can be no true society free of coercive rulers and hierarchies without a balancing eye towards ecology and sustainability. Anarchism would begin to revert to coercive control if an ecological balance is not maintained as people begin to exhaust or ruin resources, slowly depriving future generations fair access to land and resources. […]

Five Link Friday: Lorekeepers

Game Master Tips Google Group I’ve gotten a lot out of this cool google+ community that exists to share GM advice and tips. If you’re looking to pick up a few more blogs for your reader or share your own posts, this is fairly large community built just for that!   Essay Generator Here’s a […]