5e Character Backgrounds: Toymaker

Toymaker Before taking up the mantle of adventurer, you lived a simpler life where you designed and crafted all manner of toys. It might have been a hobby turned profession or perhaps you had apprenticed to a more experienced toymaker. Your toys might have made royalty squeal with delight, brought joy to the downtrodden, or […]

A-Z Useful Spell Components

When most spell components in the game are there for flavor or gating spells behind arbitrary pay walls, it is no surprise that players and DM’s forget or “forget” about them all the time. Flipping the script to make spell components provide flavor and bonuses turns them into a tool that clever players can collect […]

5e Backgrounds: Raincaller

Raincaller Your past profession saw you doing a great deal of traveling, performing rituals to help call rain to drought-stricken lands, turn away dangerous storms from ports, or even bring snowstorms against besieging armies. Whether it was a matter of practiced timing, a good instinct for weather patterns, or way with nature, you had moderate […]

Heroes Tomb

My players have just completed the first floor of my most recent dungeon, which I am sharing here that it might inspire some puzzles, combats, or ideas in your campaign. If you do end up running any of these puzzles, let me know how your players solved them or what clues you had to improvise […]

Some Dungeons

So I had a little trouble with the website this morning, so instead of a big write-up of the latest dungeon I’ve been runnning, here is a quick summary and image-dump of a number of dungeons I’ve run. The three mausoleums converted by some thieves guild-type apprentices into their own custom hide-outs. The trap specialist’s […]

Arcane Arsenal: Tools for the Tactician and Strategist in You

Prepare your tools of battle and war with my new release of over 200 items including weapons, armor, consumables, and wondrous items. They are all suited towards battle, although some require more creativity than others.   If you download one of my digital products, including my pay what you want products, and leave a written […]

5e Backgrounds: God’s Chosen

God’s Chosen You were selected as an ideal candidate for your religious order. Whether you were intended to become an avatar of your deity, a ritual sacrifice, or a powerful practitioner, your early life was dominated by seclusion and study. Every aspect of your days was spent in the purest ideals of your faith, studying, […]