On the Virtues of Small Bites

Whereas my last batch of miniatures and terrain was much larger, I found it daunting each time to sit down and work on them. It was more efficient to work one color at a time, painting small sections of dozens of miniatures. This approach also meant that it took weeks to see progress.

This time I took the opposite approach. I starkly limited myself to only a half dozen miniatures. Now, the apparent workload seemed much lower, so it was easy to pick up a mini and paint a few sections while watching Netflix. Poorly chosen colors could be quickly changed around and progress was fast. Quality also seemed higher due to the focus I could give each piece. Although I didn’t keep track of my exact hours, my intuition is that the smaller number of miniatures took the same or less time per miniature to paint. I also wasted less paint as the small quantities meant I could dip directly into the bottle rather than pouring paint onto a plastic easel.

How many miniatures do you paint in one go? Any tips you have for more efficient painting?


Also, for my birthday I got the rules for Gaslands as well as a little box of matchbox cars. Who’s got some good links to conversion/painting pictures for the cars and terrain?