Bell’s March 1st Floor Draft 2/2

A continuation of Part 1. Information Chamber A skeleton lays in a small cell built into the north eastern corner of the room, still gripping a broken wooden beam, a faint glimmer of silver can be seen in its mouth. Anyone entering within 5 feet of the cell will be surprise attacked by the skeleton […]

Bell’s March 1st Floor Draft 1/2

Intended as a mining camp, prison, and refueling station for the walking mountain castle of the ancient empire responsible for the magical wasteland, Bell’s March is the adventurer’s only lead. They hope to gain entrance to the massive elemental holding ancient weapons and treasures of the lost empire. What follows is my first draft, which […]

Spell Mimic

Spell Mimic Creatures born of arcane manipulations of the shifting astral plane, Spell Mimics are distant cousins to the material plane creatures known to copy mundane items. These creatures make up for their lesser ability to copy the mundane by studying spellworks and shifting their form between planes to copy magical effects. Hardly ever found […]

Map to Globe and a Mythoard Review

I stumbled across this handy web application that freely turns images into a globe. Best part? You can also create an animated spinning globe gif. Follow this link to see the spinning globe gif (~20Mb file size)   Mythoard 25 I was surprised to find that this month’s package had some good heft to it. […]

And yet, the Encounters continue to pour forth.

See the next post of encounters here. {Early Morning}  [Empty]  [Locale]: Dry Strange Out of Place Settled [Keyword]: Life Humans Trash Structure Resource [Signs]: Magical Auras Vegetation Damages Animals Remains Air Currents A refugee camp crowds into the wind-sheltered area at the base of some short outcroppings. The shanties have been scrabbled together from refuse, […]