One Page Dungeon 2016 In Review 2/2

Here is the second half of the 2016 entries to the One Page Dungeon Contest, with my short and certainly inexpert opinions attached. If you’re just tuning in, part 1 is right here. Martin Zabel – The Lair of the Voidbeast ………………………………31 3-D dungeons and spacial puzzles that rely on the player(s) mapping the dungeon to […]

Random Encounter: Grape Bandits

Here is a quick encounter and map thrown together over the course of some long road-trips I’ve been on in the last two weekends. Grape Bandit Hideout Rumor: People have been disappearing up the road, but their family has sworn they have been wandering about local towns trying to sell some odd smelling wine. Rumor: […]

Mythoard May 2016: Swing and Miss

Here is this months Mythoard. The Dig, Pixies on Parade, The Dungeoneer #17, 1980, colored potion tokens, and Cards of Yith. Those little potion tokens are going right into my DM toolkit, whether I’m going to drop them on the dungeon as dressing or hand them out as potion tokens, I’m not sure. The Dig, […]