Magic Items from the Dictionary

I am always on the lookout for inspiration for magic items and found some cool ideas from a combination of “word of the day” and Wikipedia. I haven’t priced these out for my game, or balanced them, but maybe you will find the ideas helpful in some way. Senescent Glasses -These well worn, wooden framed […]


How the encounter button works is that it will roll for the type of encounter, and then fill out that encounter using a number of other methods. The odds for the encounter types, out of a d20 roll, are: 1-9 empty, 10-15 monster, 16-17 monster with treasure, 18 treasure, 19 trick, 20 special. Empty encounter […]

Running a Hex Crawl (Part II)

How could I run a Hex Crawl? (Continued) 3. Kicking hornets’t nests. Players will spend their time sticking their nose into other people’s business, mucking up plans, and generally being a nuisance to the established order. If you want this to truly be a sandbox, make sure their are plenty of places they could and […]

Stop Printing Copper Pieces!

In the current economy, the typical copper piece will cost a Dungeon Master ~1.21 – 1.54 copper pieces to forge! Bending down to pick up a copper piece is not worth the free action it costs! The copper piece and to a lesser extent the silver piece often go underutilized in games of Dungeons and […]